Jamie Lange

Jamie has been a massage therapist for nearly 5 years, obtaining her Certificate of Therapeutic Massage from Baker College and pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Health Services Administration. From childhood, Jamie has had a passion for the medical field and was a Firefighter/EMT in the Detroit area for 5 years. After having her children, Jamie went to college to become a massage therapist and now specializes in Relaxation, Sports, Deep Tissue, Geriatric and Prenatal Massage. She prides herself on her headache and anxiety relief techniques, and has had great success in treating those who suffer with migraines and a variety of other ailments and conditions, including sciatic pain, limited mobility, sports and other injury recovery, cancer, ALS, Parkinsons Disease, colic in infants, arthritis, depression/anxiety, and of course, general tension and back pain. Jamie has worked closely with chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapists, and a Doctor of Osteopathy and will not hesitate to refer a client if she feels it will better benefit them in their health and wellness goals.
Jamie defines herself as a lifelong student, always open to learning new things in the massage field and in other areas of her life as well. She is very fitness oriented and takes time to workout and eat healthy in order to be the best mom she can to her children. Jamie enjoys camping, going trail riding in her Jeep Wrangler with her fiance and kids, traveling, and singing. She is always ready to try something new and her passion for helping others is evident in every aspect of her life.