Dailey’s Admin

Square Login for FCM

Step 1: Download Square App

Step 2: Login with your NEW FCM Device Code

  • Note – You will need to Be Logged Out of you businesses Mobile App to be able to Enter the Device Code for FCM

Devise Code for Dailey:


 Step 3: Enter the Passcode  3269

Detailed Instructions: From your phone/tablet

    1. Go to this Link:  http://www.massagetx.com/
    2. Hold down on the Number Below until Copy option Appears:

      Location Devise Code List for Dailey:


    3. Then tap on Copy
    4. Go to Square App login – If you are logged in still you will Log Out of your Square App by going to Settings
    5. Tap on Sign In
    6. Tap on Use Device Code
    7. Hold down on the area to enter Code until Paste or Clipboard option Appears
    8. Tap on Paste
    9. Tap on Sign In
    10. Enter 3269
    11. Tap on Library
    12. Swipe Away!

Charge Cash in the Square App

Instructions: From your phone/tablet

  1. Select Item
  2. Tap on Charge $10.00 – or whatever price it is
  3. Tap on Cash
  4. Tap on Tender
  5. Enter email or phone to send client the receipt
  6. Note – if they are tipping then do not had amount to square transaction


If you do need to take check, have them make it out to you and enter it into square but as the amount of treatment time and not adding the tip amount

Compare Transactions

  • Note – I will be working with the Location’s Admin to set up the Scheduling system at each site. So for now, carry on as usual but make sure to check the square app log against the sign up sheet and make corrections accordingly.

Instructions: From your phone/tablet

  1. Tap on Menu – It usually has three lines
  2. Tap on Transactions
  3. Open up Web Browser – Preferably on your laptop or non square device
  4. Go to Your Completed Appointments For the Day
  5. Compare the two lists at the End of each Day
  6. If you are missing a Cash Charge, Please enter in Now and not on another day
  7. If the Client Changed their appointment duration, Please change it in in the Appointments App

Scheduling Links:

25 Ottawa


4500 Breton Rd 

Today’s Appointments:

Client List

Pay Stub File