Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly, the owner, started FCM in 2006 to use his knowledge of manual therapy to help people find relief from stress and pain. Marrying his training in manual therapy with his undergraduate degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources, he focused on providing employer-based massage.​ He has been a sub-contractor to Spectrum Health since 2008 to carry out the goals of Spectrum’s Healthy Lifestyles program. He is now taking that experience to other businesses that are investing in their employees’ wellness. He has brought on four other like-minded therapists and imparted his experience to them to carry out FCM’s mission.

Matt has been doing primarily corporate massage therapy for the last 6 years. He has over 1200 hours of specialized training in Manual and Medical Massage Therapy from Blue Heron Academy. He has studied anatomy, physiology, pathology and rehabilitation sciencesin order to understand and treat chronic and acute musculoskeletal and vascular conditions. In addition to classroom study, hundreds of hours are spent in clinical training and apprenticeship. Matt has current a current Massage License through the State of Michigan. He is particularly trained to recognize postural, occupational, ergonomic and mechanical causes of chronic pain, repetitive strain, and muscle spasm.

  Mike Van Eerden

Mike is a licensed medical massage and manual therapist, trained at Blue Heron Academy. He is dedicated to the service of increasing well-being in his clients, and he brings an integrated understanding of how lifestyle, nutrition, and the body’s own self-healing mechanisms can together yield a greater sense of ease in one’s daily life. Mike is currently studying to become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and is also a student of Tai Chi Chuan.


 Kylin Cronkhite

Kylin Cronkhite is a licensed medical massage therapist practicing out of ie3 in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She graduated from Blue Heron Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences in 2002, receiving certification in Medical Massage.  In late 2002 she continued her studies in Manual Therapy, Herbal Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition, and currently holds a diploma in Naturopathy.
She balances her time between teaching for BHA, holding seminars for the American Medical Massage Association, working one day a week at Steelcase, and running her practice.
In her down time, she enjoys outdoor activities, reading, playing with her cats, and spending time with her family.

Leonard LaGarde

Leonard LaGarde III is a holistic health coach and massage therapist that has been teaching professionally for five years. Leonard entered the military at the age of 21 and was soon part of an elite group as an Airborne Ranger. The lifestyle of a Ranger was to go hard all day everyday and this began to take a toll on his body. He developed many injuries including a torn anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus. As a young man at the age of twenty five years of age he had endured time in Afghanistan had a major knee injury, back pain, and a host of other injuries that could have easily cascaded out of control. Depression and frustration set in as this was the first time in his life that he was unable to run and move. This was a great gift as it sparked a fire to begin to learn how bodies function and to explore the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing.

Spending a year post surgery studying the human form and discovering his passion Leonard began at Grand Valley State University studying Clinical Exercise Science. This degree he begin to study and complete Certifications that would help him view health and healing from a completly different view. Paul Chek, Gray Cook, Gary Gray, Michael Boyle, and Scott Sonnon became his mentors, studying them and their methods. Leonard spent immense time studying anatomy physiology, diet and nutrition, emotional health and spirituality. Applying the holistic model to his personal life he became passioniate about teaching others to heal and reclaim the freedom we were all born to enjoy through movement. Learning and teaching holistic health is Leonards passion.