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Focus Clinical Massage’s mission is to support employee health and wellness through massage therapy in the workplace.


We work with companies to create on-site experiences that help lower stress, reduce injury and increase employee satisfaction. We understand that every company has a unique culture and specific goals for their population — we work with you to design a program that meets your needs and can be tailored over time. Foundational to our service is the way our staff is trained in the art of on-site treatments. They are professional and reliable, but above all, skilled in delivering, through clothes, effective massage therapy. The goal of each therapist is to rehabilitate and stimulate natural healing processes in connective tissues and organ systems using manual soft tissue massage, joint physics, elongation techniques, and manipulation of joint capsules. Our key skill is the ability to isolate and identify the exact site of soft tissue dysfunction. Draping is used to assure patient modesty. Therapists provide their own table/chair, linens, and sanitizing supplies. We work with you to design a suitable environment for treatments to take place, including privacy, sound/music and lighting. All of our therapists carry malpractice insurance and follow the Hippocratic oath.


To provide an exceptional experience, we collaborate with you to develop a program particular to your culture and needs which is supported by our proprietary software platform and our team of therapists.


We provide a comprehensive set up and administration of your massage wellness program. By closely monitoring your employees’ needs, we provide the appropriate therapists who are equipped with a customized scheduling system to minimize administration by your staff. We work with you to establish meaningful metrics and provide reporting on outcomes you care about. We also provide customized reports for OSHA and workman’s comp processing, with logins for your staff.


Our technology platform has been uniquely designed for the needs of a corporate massage program. We have created a unified solution that which provides scheduling, a payment system, documentation and reporting features. Employees can go to one site to see all of the available times and locations and schedule a treatment that works for their schedules. We can process payment at the point of care or in advance, and offer gift certificates. Employees receive email reminders for their appointments and can sign up for email blasts of a therapist’s availability or newsletters with information on exercise and effective techniques for rehab and maintenance. Our system also allows our therapists to actively manage their schedule and sites, document their treatment and collaborate with other therapists. This system also generates invoices, processes payroll and generates work metrics for our practitioners. It is a key differentiator between our offering and other corporate massage programs.


Key to an effective massage program is great therapists. We actively work with our team to ensure we retain highly skilled and enthusiastic therapists who build relationships with your employees. Our therapists are equipped and trained to build their own practice with increasing scaled compensation package. We believe leadership should inspire and support them to succeed and grow. We also know therapists learn from one another and we support their collaboration and have channels set up to facilitate this process. All of our therapists are credentialed and are licensed and carry insurance coverage.

 What to Expect with Mobile Therapy?

  • No need to change – treatment is done through work clothes.
  • Treatments are done in a private space
  • Sessions are typically 15 or 30 minutes ($15 & $30)

Type of Treatment: Manual Therapy which is a clinical deep tissue, joint manipulations technique that:

  • Corrects postural abnormalities
  • Decreases tension
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Increases range of motion
  • Treats many other injuries and syndromes that are related to office and manufacturing work

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